Jun 20 2008

Anne and Anna identical twins massage each other’s pussy

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Anne and Anna, the German identical twins, are really hot and horny!

Here we see Anne massaging Anna’s boobs with both her hands, as she sits on her sister’s nude pussy. Hungrily she bends forward, gobbling up her twin’s boobs, then kissing her eagerly on the mouth.

She pulls her hans back, and massaged her pussy from behind. Then reaching out, she rubs her sister’s clit with her fingers. Her sister responds by grabbing at Anne’s ass and sliding her finger towards her sister’s butt hole..

Well, this certainly makes me horny. I can tell you that I am rubbing my own clit even as I type this, watching the video play on. These girls make me soooo wet! How I wish I could get between these two and have them play with my boobs and pussy!!

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