Jun 04 2008

Anne and Anna identical twins get close pussy to pussy

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The horny twin sisters Anne and Anna had stripped off each other’s panties and were busily kissing each other when we last saw them. Let’s see what they are up to now!

We find Anne massaging her identical twin’s lovely ass from behind. Anna then turns around, opening her stockinged thighs to her sister. Anne enters the space between her sister’s thighs, and grabbing her boobs, laps them up hungrily with her tongue. Anna opens her mouth to wetly kiss her sister as she caresses her sister’s tits in turn.

Anne sits up and spreads her thighs around her twin’s waist, lowering her nude ass very close to her sister’s crotch..

Pussy to pussy and boobs to boobs, the twin sisters kiss each other hungrily once more, then make a grab and lick each other’s tits.

Hang on, that’s all we have time for this time!

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