Mar 25 2008

Anne and Anna identical twins sisters suck each others boobs

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This is an amazing lesbian identical twins find! These sisters are into some really hot incest activities!

Anne and Anna Sharp, a pair of horny German twin sisters, have no qualms being openly sexual with each other in front of the camera!

Here they first introduce themselves, looking a little awkward at first in their sexy sheer stockings and high heels, but then they get into what they truly enjoy – getting hot with each other! Wearing little black bras and panties and stocking garters, they kiss each other full mouth on mouth. Anne then undos Anna’s bra from the front and gives her right nipple a good licking, then moves on to the left nipple. Anna, at the same time unhooks Anne’s bra from behind and gives her another full on kiss on the mouth.

They enjoy some playful tongue to tongue spit swapping, before Anne takes off her sister’s bra completely. She then proceeds to climb on to the couch for..

Oh wait! That’s for the next part of the video! See you in a couple of days, honey!

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