Feb 22 2008

Welcome to my Blog!

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Hi Everyone!

I’m Amm. Lovely Amm.

amm001 Welcome to my Blog!  


Thats my photo from a cam site. I used to be a cam girl as I love chatting and this sort of chatting got me horny and I got to rub myself a lot! Plus the money wasn’t bad. But I stopped doing it as I got a little afraid my family might see me!Well, enough about the past and lets get back to the present! Let me welcome you to my brand new blog where I hope to post photos of lovely girls everyday.

Why, you ask? And I answer, because it turns me on! Yes, its not enough that I like girls, but sharing my thoughts with others turns me on even more! Its not that I dont like guys. I do! A girl cannot fuck me half as good as a man with a healthy sized dick can. But girls are so smooth! Boobs and curvy asses. I love looking at myself in the mirror. Guys seem to be.. barbaric by our standards. And hairy. And I think balls and dicks look so undignified..

When its a good fuck I want, its guys I will use. But for some nice long cuddling and wet foreplay, girls win hands down!

Ok, I also hope to make some cash as pocket money from this blog. I hope that works out! I love this website and if you a membership to it I get commission. So if you can afford it and love naked young curvy smooth girls, try this site –

met art banner Welcome to my Blog!

newrule Welcome to my Blog!

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